5 Rules Of Getting Good Results When Working With Freelancers

     Reading this article, I understand that you have matured to hire remote employee. And it is not surprising. Freelance is increasingly gaining momentum every year. People refuse from offices to devote more time to themselves. But how to build the work with a freelancer and feel a pleasant «aftertaste» from this cooperation? Let’s see.

     #1 Check the freelancers’ professionalism, or “How not to buy a pig in a poke”

You should always remember that one bad remote employee can destroy the whole project. There are many cases when some candidates ascribe in their CVs the skills that they do not have. How to check their qualification?

Frequently developers offer you their portfolio with screenshots of websites and mobile apps. Keep in mind it is a design not developed by them, and requirements specification, which also was not written by them. The real programmers’ portfolio can only be a code. That’s why we recommend you to give a freelancer a small task. It will give the opportunity to test at once his speed, quality and result. Also during the conversation ask the questions. After all, if you asked, “What is the difference between php and asp?” someone answers, “Ummm … in fact nothing”, run away from him 🙂

     #2 Clearly formulate tasks. Make changes in time. Overall never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Customer often seems that some conditions are not necessarily to discuss, because it is self-evident things. It’s a big big mistake. You must negotiate and agree the most obvious conditions, clarify smallest details before the start of your cooperation. This applies to requirements specification, making various kinds and amount of edits, the evaluation criteria and the conditions of adoption of work, terms of payment, time for the task. Remember that your employee – a remote worker. And you will not be able to tell him every five minutes what do you want, what do you think or what changes he should make.

     #3 Working from home requires discipline, or how you should manage your remote worker

Freelancer has no clear timetable; he chooses a convenient time for himself.

Freelancer can work not only on your project

Freelancer rapidly lose interest and motivation to work.

In addition, the freelancer has a huge amount of distractions.

Do not be afraid. Everything can be under the control, if you remember a few things.

Firstly, always ask, in what period of time the candidate is free and how many hours a day he is ready to spend on your project.

Secondly, it is not bad when freelancer employed somewhere else. More importantly, he can adequately assess his resources and abilities. Not everyone is able to work effectively for 14 hours a day. Isn’t it?

Thirdly. Freelancers quickly lose motivation, so they should not be boring. You can try to start with small tasks and gradually increase the volume. Thus you involve him in the project and give him an opportunity to develop.

And finally. It is unlikely that you can influence the time spent for social networks, tea, coffee, chat with friends… How to do the right thing. We advise you to use such version control systems as the Git and others, to see how much of code the developer has written.

     #4 Just about the main thing. Money

Ironically, until now there are a lot of cases when customers delay the payments to contractors. You (yes, you) have set the task to the freelancer, agreed on a price and the methods of payment. Do not take on liability about payment, if you can’t fulfill it.

A very good way to relieve the risks for both sides – the phased execution of the work and step-by-step payment (phase duration – one to two weeks). The customer sees the progress and interim results, and a freelancer regularly receives money and understand that the customer is solvent and he does not deceive.

     #5 “Freelancer and the customer, make friends!” The rule about how to trust your remote worker

If all of the above taken into account, freelancer is selected, the work is started, trust him. Point, hesitate, express your opinion, but do not demand. So the work will go much smoother, it will be easier for both sides, and the result will be better soon. The most likely candidate works with the required technology not the first year and does it very successfully. Also, given his experience, fresh and unbiased view on your project, he can offer you an alternative solution of the problem. And sometimes, this option can be very sensible.

Trivial example: you know how teeth should look like, but you don’t tell the dentist how to work. Catch it? 🙂


     However, if you are still in doubt, please contact us. We are ready to provide you with a proven and reliable freelancer, because we believe in the success of your project! 🙂

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