How to Hire Developers Cheaper than the Market – 5 Hints for your Startup


There’s no certain HOW TO or guide for you running a business, but this article reveals 5 hints which definitely help you to do it smoothly and with less costs.

It’s always possible to find cheaper specialist without neglecting quality of his skills. Don’t be afraid to serf through the market and test it.

List of factors that affect the specialist’s price is fairly long. Depending on their impact we can illustrate range of desired salaries with the picture below. According to it there will always be specialists in Q1-Q2 with lower wages but who are not always less skilled.  All you need to get them – to dig deeper and pay a little bit more time.


Your project should be cool. Sell it!

Don’t forget that you sell your project not only to investor, but to employees too. Give the most detailed and sincere description which clearly explains your needs in each developer. Along with the idea and its implementation, by “project” we also mean team and management. Money will never motivate your employees such as common goal, fair and wise leadership or well organized team.

Inspire and Motivate.

Be sure, motivated team can drive your business to greater heights. Be the one who inspires the entire employees with your own example. Respectful, smart and attentive to team’s needs leader is always able to surround himself with the same employees. At least show that you are ready to fight side by side with them to the bitter end – that worth more than cash!


Create an opportunity on self-development as well as encourage employees in all undertakings.

Luckily for you, developers are those guys who can get a great pleasure from work and study. Be attentive to their desires, listen out to their ideas and make some magic expanding tech stack on your project or even just organizing collective attending of different conferences and events.

Make smart hiring decisions – use ad-hoc.

Hiring freelance developers can turn out to be a money-saving stroke for you in case you need a specialist on a specific period of time or for completing some special task. You don’t need to pay them when there’s no work since such specialists are not constant members of a team.

And finally:

Network is overflowed with different tips and advices. All you need is just to use them. Or to ask us for help and we won’t leave you in troubleJ

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