Too Late to Start Business?

Why do you doubt to start business?

It is an exciting time – starting your own business. But most of us hold back and doubt to start the business of their own because of various reasons. Do I need the business experience or tech knowledge? Can the regular person do this? Does success have deadline? These are the main questions probably you’re asking yourself.

Enterprises launched by the ordinary people and professionals with different mindsets and age. According to the Companies House records, just in 2016 only in Britain there were registered 80 companies per hour. While you’re sitting there and reading this article there are 2-3 companies launched in the world. Here is the small infographic that shows the success stories of people who started their businesses without doubts of their knowledge or age (open full image to see all the details).

Why should you throw out all the doubts?

Because of the globalization, the most fascinating area to run your startup is the IT industry. It allows small and fresh companies to compete with big ones on equals and, as a result, to go international and disrupt the ordinary way of doing business.

Nevertheless, as the entrepreneur you will face some challenges which a lot for one, two or even small group of people. This is the reason Intellica has a bespoke service covering process and technical operations geared towards delivering maximum value for our startup and new product clients.

Intelica’s startup expertise offers you a tailored service covering.  Now, take a big deep breath for even not full range of our services for your startup:

  • product vision and backlog creation, specification
  • clickable prototype development planning and estimation
  • technology advice and reference architecture
  • infrastructure set up
  • UX and UI design
  • market and competition research
  • target data building
  • lead generation
  • production of sales messaging and materials
  • sourcing of key employees etc.

One of the bright examples of the startups launched by our clients is the Rooftop. Emanuel is the CEO of the Rooftop number of years faced challenges that had to be solved. With Intellica’s expertise and Emanuel’s passion for his project, Rooftop is on the launch stage.

If you familiar with some of the challenges, contact us. There is no obligation, just friendly chat and we will see how we can help you.

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