Ad-hoc Resources and Rate Card

Ad-hoc Resources service is targeted to address your immediate need in qualified IT resources while maintaining flexibility in their usage and keeping costs under control.

The advantages are:

  • You can have first set of candidates usually within 2 business days
  • In most cases you can start work immediately
  • You can access very rare or specific skills
  • You pay only for hours rendered and approved by you
  • If you use the same resource for 3 month and longer for 80 hours a month and more, you can utilize Rate Card model with more attractive monthly rate
  • If you commit to 160+ hours a month from first month, a Rate card pricing is applied
  • Monthly payment cycle

At Intellica we aim to make our Ad-hoc Resources best in class by collaborating with local developer and freelancer communities.

To be able to provide best candidates we do the following:

  • We maintain one of the biggest in Eastern Europe databases and network of pre-qualified developers and other IT-specialists
  • We perform professional candidate selection and provide replacement if needed
  • We take responsibility for efficient communication, organization and administration of services
  • We provide team of developers with manager who used to work together in the past
  • We practice performance management, provide out-of-the-box tools and infrastructure and apply industry best practices such as scrum, kanban, etc.
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