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Any business project carries a wide range of risks neglect of which may result in the team being unable to deliver needed results. All data science projects have their specific ones too and it is necessary to be prepared for them. So what are the risks of data science management and how to deal with […]

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How Not Having A Prototype Can Ruin A Startup

Hey all! If you still are wondering why building a prototype gains such a high priority for every startup – read ahead. Because my high priority now is to provide you an insight into it. Nowadays it would be a sin not to have a prototype first. Moreover, standards for them have gone up a […]

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Why has Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26B?

Why has Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26B? View from synergy point of view.

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MVP Or Why You Do Not Need To Develop The Product

If you are one of the people who are dreaming of their own business and do not know where to start, then this article is for you. Launching new startup most of the young entrepreneurs in IT sector have an idea. But they are always in rush to launch it, believing that their idea will […]

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What Scrum Is and Why It Works for Startups

Situation Let’s say that you have an idea and all you need is somebody to make it real. You spend money to put your expectations in specification, find a team to live out your project, wait due course and then… Oh, wait.. Isn’t it something you expected to get? But you described it..you thought it […]

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Too Late to Start Business?

Why do you doubt to start business? It is an exciting time – starting your own business. But most of us hold back and doubt to start the business of their own because of various reasons. Do I need the business experience or tech knowledge? Can the regular person do this? Does success have deadline? […]

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Funding In Startups. Investors: Venture Capitals, Seeds, Angels Etc.

An average startup, if all goes well, gets about $15,000 from family and friends, about $200,000 from an angel investor three months later, and about $2 Million from a VC another six months later. Below is a picture describing how funding in startups works. And funding always implies equity and stock split. The basic idea […]

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How Good Estimate Looks Like

“How long will this take?” and “When will the project be finished?” We know what you, Clients, want to hear on this – “three days”, “two weeks” or “right on the Christmas Eve”. But below is an explanation why such answers do not work and what the reality of correct estimation is. First, The Task […]

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5 Reasons Why Startups Outsource Software Development

It’s a well-known fact that many startup founders don’t have a technical background and they very often have a difficult task to choose a technical co-founder or to employ reliable technical talent to build a successful business.Experienced mentors always give advice to focus on what they are good at and hand the things they are […]

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Why Startups Fail: Main Reasons of Failure

We all probably know the story of two mice in a bucket with the milk. That’s a good relative to today’s business world, where either you adopt or fail. In 21st century due to the climate driven by powerful digital forces, disruption and rapid innovation IT become another pillar of every business.  It moves all the companies […]

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