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Our client is a startup, that is developing smart routers that will productize the traffic data. The blockchain is the part of the technology, so the company pursued the ICO model for funding. After the initial round from private investors, the founders needed to mint the token and launch the automated crowd sale with KYC (know your customer). On top of regular features, some extra functionality was requested by the team, like CRM integration, investments by pools and mobile application.


Intellica proposed to use the existent investor panel box solution and develop custom features on top of it. The investor panel was published on the subdomain, to preserve the security and allow easy access to the promo page to marketers. The investor data was sent to Synopsis (Singapore KYC provider) and Drip (the CRM used by the customer). Token was minted with the ERC-20 standard and stored on the encrypted wallet, with access only available to the founders.

Over 60 cryptocurrencies and fiat payment methods were available for purchase. Also, the mobile experience was available both in a browser and progressive web app (that you could save to your home screen).

Technology and skills

[blockchain] Ethereum platform

[smart contract] Solidity, ERC20 token

Digital wallet


Implemented investors cabinet platform with the dashboards. The ICO is to be launched in early 2019.

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains

ICO & Crypto-assets