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Blocksport is a Swiss based SportsTech boutique shaping the future of sports by blockchain-enabled platform solutions. Our services are covering an incentive based digital fan journey in a connected ecosystem, a smart funding solution to lower transaction costs and enable liquidity, and DLT-based market systems to increase operational efficiency and create trust.
Corda R3
Corda is a blockchain and smart contract platform. As a blockchain platform, Corda allows parties to transact directly, with value. Smart contracts allow Corda to do this using complex agreement and any asset type. This capability has broad applications across industries including finance, supply chain, and healthcare.
Trust Square
In the heart of Switzerland’s commercial center, Trust Square offers a space for your ideas to flourish. With blockchain technology as the common denominator, we bring together entrepreneurs, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers in an open and diverse environment.
Blue Tree advisors
Blue Tree is offering Digital Transformation, Investor Relations Management, Executive Coaching, Risk Management, Fundraising, and Advisory services in Blockchain industry for companies and CEOs. The company connects organizations, experts and investors in the Blockchain space and increase awareness and adoption of the technology through consulting and education.