Photo challenges application

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The client is one of the leading business and service technology consultants in information technology, banking, and the Payment Industry.The new business idea in the event management domain was already launched as an Android application and had proven itself. The client addressed Intellica with the issue to create the iOS application with new featured on the basis of the already existing concept.

The application is a game using user-generated content (photos of users/fans).

The system should allow organizing photo challenges. Users can take photos and submit them to a challenge.  The submitted photos can then be voted by the community. When the challenge is over, the best photos (most upvotes) may be awarded some price.


All events in the system are created by developers on client’s demand.  After event creation, a photo challenge can be launched and users can participate.

All taken photos are augmented with a banner showing logos and messages of the organizer and/or a sponsor of the challenge.

The system consists of:

  • A central server, responsible for managing users, photos, sponsor campaigns, photo challenges, push messages.
  • Applications for taking photos and participating in challenges.
  • Administrative user interfaces for moderating photos and challenges.

The application allows taking photos with the device camera app.


As the matter of fact, the team’s determination and resolution led to high quality and consistency with deadlines.

The application was successfully launched to the app store.

Service Type

Fully-managed project development

Business domains

Event Management

Technology and tools

iOS SDK:   xcode, swift

Project team

1x Project Manager

1x iOS developer

1x Quality Assurance