Real Estate Investments

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The entrepreneur specializes in real-estate business. Intellica was addressed to develop a web-service, which allows a client’s customers to participate in real-estate investments. The investment idea comprises shared investments and further shared ownership and profit from rent in the future.
The web-service should be flexible and fully customizable for daily management and future new features. Furthermore, an investment with cryptocurrencies is planned for the nearest future.


According to business requirements, it was decided to develop the web-service, CSM and the admin panel for management.

The web-service contains the properties catalog, investment opportunities, and information about the client’s business. The customer can also make up the first step for the investment – sign a contract.

Admin panel provides a set of features to fully reorganize the web-service and pages.

Managing features for admin panel:

  • Users list (approve and deactivate users) with detailed information available
  • Properties database
  • Investment terms for properties
  • Website elements structure and content
  • Notifications
  • Contract signing process
Technology and skills


  • Business Analysis
  • UX/UI

Technology Stack:

  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP (Laravel)

Version control & development tools:

Confluence, Jira

Third-party systems:

Google Analytic Suite


As a result, the business owner received web-service and own CSM system in the top of which Intellica team has built a fully customizable admin panel.

The architecture allows to easily integrate cryptocurrencies in the investment process.

Service Type

Fully managed Project Delivery

Business domains

Real Estate Investments



Project team

1x Project Manager

1x Business Analyst

1x UI designer

1x Front-end developers

1x Back-end developer

1x Quality Assurance

1x Markup developer