Swiss Stablecoin

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Today there is no ideal way for traders and crypto investors to harvest their profit in a secure manner without returning to fiat currency. Investors who momentarily wish to take profit out of the system before entering a new position, incur high fees every time they exit and re-enter. The alternative is to keep assets on an exchange or wallet, where they face the inherent security and counterparty risks of the exchange, or the market risks of holding main coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


According to business requirements and increased consumer demand for cryptocurrency Intellica suggested to develop a platform, that will allow to perform operations for buying and selling cryptocurrency in exchange of widely used type of cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH) or using wire transfer in national currency. In addition, client can buy tokens in exchange of BTC, ETH coins or national currency.

Technology and skills

[backend] Node js + Express framework

[frontend] React.js

[message broker] rabbitMQ

[protocol] web sockets

[2FA] Futurae

[DB] Redis, Postgres

[doc] swagger – REST API

[blockchain] Ethereum platform + ERC23 token, solidity, digital wallet

[server-side] CentOS, Openshift, Docker, nginx


Within 6 months the team delivered the first version of the platform. All operations on the platform are performed using blockchain technology and smart contracts. This will guarantee security, authenticity and minimal delays while making transactions. The following functionality was implemented: registration and tracking of orders to sell/buy coins, history of transactions, monitoring of the exchange rates, perform operations with crypto coins as well as mobile application to register orders.

Service Type

Fully Managed Project Delivery

Business domains

FinTech, Cryptocurrencies


Web Application

Project team

1x Project Manager

1x Business Analyst

1x Architect

1x Blockchain developer

1x Backend developer

1x Frontend developer

1x DevOps (Open Shift)

1x Quality Assurance