February 13, 2017

How Not Having A Prototype Can Ruin A Startup

Hey all! If you still are wondering why building a prototype gains such a high priority for every startup – read ahead. Because my high priority now is to provide you an insight into it.

Nowadays it would be a sin not to have a prototype first. Moreover, standards for them have gone up a lot in recent years due to their availability – it’s cheap and easy to use 3D printing as well as building a website or electronics prototyping with development boards.

Focusing on prototypes development gives an obvious profit – you can see what works and doesn’t, it also generates customer feedback and helps investors to understand you better and to decide on funding your idea.

And there are a few more reasons which should spare you from doubts about prototyping:

  • So, as I’ve already noticed, prototyping allows you to stay aware of feedback on your idea. You probably realize that with a physical prototype, it is much easier to respond and provide input, then to comment entirely abstract stuff.

  • Prototyping creates an emotional connection between investors and your future product. Seeing the prototype helps to put up money in it. Just make up your mind that such an emotional connection to the product is most likely to happen through a prototype.
  • Know where you are in the game. Having a prototype helps investors to understand where you are in the process. It makes them to connect the dots and see what is possible.
  • Prototype exposes product’s weak points. It highlights your weaknesses since you see your product in work and have a feedback from potential auditory. Also, it’s a right path to bright down what further resources are needed.

Do you realize what happens without all points about? Probably, it’s more than obvious.

So I hope I have answered on all your questions about role and value of prototyping on your way to production. Want to know more? Send me your questions and I’ll be happy to consult you. Furthermore, read here, how you could get an assistance.

Cheers! And have a nice day!

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